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By Edwins Mukabanah,

Kenya Bus Service Management Ltd (KBSM) has made history by making it to the list of Kenya’s Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies for the third year running. To put icing on the cake, this news comes at a time when we are coincidentally celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Whereas our core business is to provide commuter, private and contract hire services; we also provides sites for transit advertising where our powerful brand name attracts adverts from blue chip companies.

Among the support services we offer to our Franchisees and the general public at our depot in Kawangware 46 are; driver training, vehicle repairs, vehicle parking, insurance agency, vehicle fueling, accident investigation, breakdowns recovery, sell of fuel and sell of spares parts.

At present we manage 272 buses belonging to 142 investors. The Franchise employs 1,250 staff who support another 6,250 Kenyans. We carry 28 million passengers and contribute in excess of Kshs. 35 M to the exchequer in taxes yearly. Our investors pay in excess of Kshs 7.5 M in Advance Tax and Kshs 50 M in form of Fuel Levy per year. We pay an additional Kshs. 20 M to Nairobi City County Government.

Our journey in the last ten years has not been without challenges. We, just like other operators in the industry, continue to suffer from high cost of doing business emanating from insecurity, high taxation and a regulatory regimes that do not prioritize public transport provision. Lack of an investment policy to control entry into the PSV industry has led to unfair and wasteful competition and revenue leakages. Lack of trained man power to manage road transport has subjected us to increased accidents, pollution and congestion.

Nonetheless, we have endured most hurdles and now look forward to implementing our 2016 – 2020 Strategic Plan to diversify our revenue streams by venturing into areas, such as, motor vehicle inspection, taxi business, intelligent transport systems, inter county passenger services and public transport staffing agency services. Ultimately, we are gearing towards obtaining an ISO Certification.

We owe this immense performance to our exceptional purpose built public transport infrastructure, diligent franchisees (investors), supportive board of directors, an able and professional management team, a dedicated team of drivers, conductors and mechanics; and an overwhelming goodwill from our passengers. We wish to thank all; including our affiliates, such as, KEPSA, UITP and KEMRA who have assisted us lobby and advocate for a better business environment.

Mr. Mukabanah is Managing Director of Kenya Bus Service Management Ltd and also the Vice President of UATP –Africa.

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