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Stores and Supplies

In an industry where downtime can mean the difference between success and failure, stocking of parts is vital. This is one of the reasons behind Kenya Bus Service Management's success in the public service vehicle industry.

We stock high quality spare parts of popular vehicle models ran by our franchisees. This leads to reduced downtime when vehicles break down and need repairs. As a company we are very specific as to the quality of the parts we stock so as to guarantee durability

Parts available in our store are for PSV models such as Isuzu FRR, Isuzu NQK and NPR, Nissan MK 210 and Nissan NV 41, Matching stock with vehicle numbers is easy as the Supplies and Procurement department knows how many vehicles of each model are under our franchise. Franchisees can choose to use these parts or buy elsewhere.
We service about 60 per cent of the franchisee vehicles and the stocking of parts is therefore based on this number.

We have outsourced Diesel supply so as to get competitive prices for our franchised buses. This is also to ensure that there is fuel in the Kawangware depot for top up by the vehicles when they return late, to be ready for the following morning's operations. Also available at the depot are quality oils and lubricants.

We also have in store high quality tyres for these vehicles. On top of that we assist our franchisees to negotiate for good rates on retreading. The Supplies and Procurement department undertakes stock control for availability and pilferage, among other issues.