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• Franchise Services

In this arrangement, our Franchisee (business owner) is granted the right to engage in the business of offering public passenger transport services under a marketing plan, system, license and method as prescribed in substantial part by us (KBSM), the Franchisor.

The operation of our franchise and commercialization business model is in pursuant to a plan that is associated with our brand, trademark, service mark, trade name, logotype, advertising, method or other commercial symbols designating the franchisor or affiliate to operate in a prescribed territory on signing an MOU and subsequently a renewed Franchisee Agreement.

With our model we have positioned our self to revolutionize and re-define the future of road based Public Transport provision in Kenya in line with Vision 2030 policy.

• Lobbying and Advocacy

At KBSM, we envisage a public transport industry that gets rid of wasteful competition while at the same time making travelling predictable both in time and tariffs charged. In essence, we would like to see a fast,safe, efficient, comfortable, equitable and sustainable public transport system in Kenya.

It is for this reason that we are on the forefront in lobbying and advocatingfor a better Mass Rapid Transit Systems through bodies such Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and the International Association of Public Transport.

• Passenger Related Services

We offer Commuter Passenger Service, Private hires (including Airport Transfer, Wedding Party Transport, Funeral Transport, School and Tour Excursions, etc.), Contracts Hires (Staff transport for hotels and companies, School Transport and on bus Transit Advertisement.

• Commercialized Services .

We also provide commercialized services to our fleet within a depot environment - services which are open to the public at very competitive rates. One can now bring in their vehicle (bus, car, matatu, motor bike, truck etc.) for repairs, fueling, parking and washing.

Our fully-fledged, purpose-built depot sitting on a 5 acre plot at Kawangware, offers a range of vehicle cleaning services. We have ample and secure parking space to park over 200 buses, matatus or trucks.

In partnership with ENGEN, we offer Diesel Fuel, Oil and Lubricants at very competitive prices using a computerized system.

We also have a Training Centre at the Depot. This is the only Passenger Transport Training School equipped with modern facilities. The Centre has experienced Instructors for both drivers' and conductors' training. It also offers training to motor vehicle engineering staff, operations supervisors and fleet managers. The training school is seeking certification from the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

In addition, the depot hosts a workshop that offers services that measure up to Kenya Motor Repairers Association (KEMRA) standards. Services offered range from vehicle servicing, tyre repair, vehicle painting, accident repairs, and vehicle seats repairs to electrical parts repairs.

• Shared Services

Our advanced radio communication system has enabled us enhance communication in the operations department arguably the best in the passenger transport industry. The company has 3 base stations, 3 mobile stations and several portable handsets.

Our current ticketing system ensures that there is accountability of all the revenue collected at any point of operations. The system is complimented by a computer system that enables the investor to receive a statement of all the transactions of his/ her vehicle at the close of business day. We are currently partnering with an internal firm to offer a cashless e-ticketing system.

Using our field supervisors we inspect, regulate and control buses and crew while in operation. The team's main job is to ensure revenue integrity is maintained. Using inspection cars we keep in check crew behavior 24 hours a day to ensure standards and level of our services are the best. Assisted by a mystery passenger (Private Eye) the inspection team secretly monitors crew behavior to ensure efficient services are delivered.

Passenger not satisfied with our service have a HOTLINE No. 020 2019685 through which they can report a complaint. We act swiftly using our rapid response inspectors to ensure the situation is arrested immediately

Using our Msafiri Staffing Agency we manage all personnel matters as agents of the franchisee. We keep records of crew working in our franchise. We have developed Rules and Regulations Book which all staff are expected to adhere to. We have in place a disciplinary and grievances handling policy which ensures fairness and ensures our standards are adhered to by all crews. This enables the staff to perform their duties within the scope as provided for in the company's Code of Conduct.

Using our rapid response field service mechanics on motor bike, we are able to rescue our buses within the shortest time possible. In case our motor bike mechanics are not able to sort the problem out, our Breakdown /Recovery Vehicle that is equipped with a 40 ton winch is called in to do the job.

In case a franchisee or crew has traffic related matter with the Police or in Court, our Police Liaison Officer and/or Lawyer will be on standby to address the issue(s) raised.

In the event a franchised vehicle is involved in accident, our accident staff will be on standby to do thorough investigation. This keeps in check all fraudulent claims.