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Traffic Department

Traffic department consists of; Operations that is charged with maintaining and enforcing bus operation standards and revenue generation, Traffic Services which offers empirical back up services to franchise, Depot management which ensures proper utilization of both buses and crew, and marketing where our services sold and advertised

The department is divided into the below sections:

  • Operations Section

With the largest fleet number of buses plying across the city we carry more than of 3.0m passengers a month and travel a distance of 70,000 kilometers per month. Currently we operate across the city on 12 routes and with the increasing fleet plans are underway to operate on all routes.

We have a ticketing system in place that helps in the accounting of all revenues. Unlike other operators we account for every cent that goes through the ticket machine.

A workforce of 40 trained Inspectors and Controllers, two Inspection Cars and 4 Operation Officers cushions the daily returns of an investor in public transport. The team enhances revenue integrity in addition to the services of the 2 mystery passengers (Private Eye). Both our crews and the supervisory staff have undergone extensive training in customer care.

In addition the operation have driver Follow up Team which consists of supervisors who are former drivers to monitor and curb bad driving habits of some of our drivers. We ensure that our Drivers observe the Highway Code and respect other road users. Our Franchisees have also promised to assist ensure that all drivers drive in accordance to what they were trained on and what is in the drivers Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics Manual.

To enhance service delivery, we boast of a modernized VHF radio communication network un matched by any operator in Nairobi. The radio network and free Inter-Com telephone service to our staff makes monitoring of the entire operations easier 24/7.

In the event staff in the franchise or our franchisee if unfairly treated by Police or City Council our Legal Team is at hand offer legal advice and protection.

In a rare circumstance that buses in our franchise are involved in an accident, our accident investigators and insurance experts will be at the scene to ensure no fraudulent claims come through and the vehicle is removed using our 24 hour service Breakdown Service.

  • Depot Section

This Section is responsible for the Signing-on and Signing-off of road crews. Bus drivers pick their buses and conductors pick ticket machines from Kawangware depot situated on the out skirt of Nairobi; though we have a few mini depots spread strategically across the city..

Depots are in charge of fueling, cleaning, safari checking and parking of buses. At Kawangware we have the capacity to park 250 vehicles in a well-designed parking plan.

This purpose-built bus depot is the Control Hub and Base of our fleet management and operations. Through a commercialization concept, depot activities are now open to the public. This is where fueling, cleaning, vehicle parking, vehicle repairs both for our franchisees and now for the public are done at very competitive prices.

Kawangware depot is the nerve centre where all operations are controlled through radio communication systems with a VHF Repeater Station hoisted atop View Park Towers.

At the same depot we have Msafiri Staffing Agency which centrally handles franchisee crew staff matters. All crew HR functions are handled here including crew grievances and disciplinary matters.

Kawangware depot is supported by Mini-depots at Mimosa, Buruburu, Dandora and Outer Ring Road. Central Bus Station and Kenya National Hospital Terminal offer field support services.

  • Marketing Section

The Marketing Section is situated at the Head Office located on 10th Floor at View Park Towers in the Nairobi's Central Business District. The Section's objective is to maintain and increase our brand presence / share of the Public Transport market.

This Section is in charge of marketing our Brand and the Services we offer. It is therefore responsible for growth of the Franchise in general and the growth of, Contract Hires, Private Hires and Transit Advertising in particular. The Section is also responsible for the publication of Abiria Magazine and management of the Website.

We believe that the future of marketing Public Transport services lies in allowing the consumer (especially the passenger) to be in control. Technology changes almost on daily basis, but human nature remains the same. As much as technology is changing the manner in which transport services are delivered will continue to rely on human interventions.

Offering "a good service, at the right price, at the right time, at the right place" is always the basis of our marketing plan. In most situations, we are humbly enough to appreciate that consumer buying behavior controls the relationship between the marketer and consumer.

We therefore, always endeavor to arm our staff and franchisee with the latest accurate information and data. To remain ahead we alter strategies and deploy newly conceived service quicker than our competitors targeting specific niche areas. Through these focus we are able to position ourselves more competitively, accurately and professionally in the market.

  • Traffic Services Section

At Kawangware depot one also finds the Traffic Services Section. This is the business development section of our franchise. It is the heartbeat of our operations.

This Section is charged with ensuring that we 'run buses' but 'not run after' buses. That is, each bus must operate profitably as a unit. By collecting operations data and analyzing, management is able to make informed decisions and advise franchisees accordingly. Using this information a franchisee is able to find out if the business is being affected by crew behavior, routing, bus reliability or operating environment.

In addition, this section is in charge of operations research and statistics. Urban bus operation relies heavily on data analysis and storage. Using data from Waybills the section is able to audit all operations and advice the operations department. Thanks to our in-housed well developed Computer ERP.

Traffic Services Section is charged with the production of schedules and crew rosters. Schedules and Rosters are necessary to ensure that both human resource (crew) and equipment (buses) are optimally utilized.

It is also charged with coordinating franchisee complaints and activities. Franchisees have businesses to run. It is imperative that the advice they get from an operator, such us, is accurate and timely. Through education and comparative analysis our franchisees are advised on how to invest and operate profitably.