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Vehicle parking

We offer an efficient parking system based on a reliable and efficient parking plan. We can easily tell exactly where the client's vehicle is parked and who is attending to it because this is catered for in the parking system.  

The security is guaranteed since we are just a few meters from the District Commissioner's office, Dagoretti constituency. To reinforce security in our depot, we've hired the services of a local Security firm which provides a team of guards that ensures the safety of client's vehicle is maintained twenty four hours a day.

With the congestion in the CBD, expected increase of parking fee by City Council of Nairobi and ever increasing fuel prices a Park and Ride Scheme is now quite feasible.

If we were to park an additional 100 vehicles per day 5 days a week and provide a high standard shuttle bus service to the CBD, there is a very high possibility that motorist will prefer to park their vehicles at KBSM depot to be cleaned, fueled, serviced and parked at fee.