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New Franchisee Applicable Payments

  1. 1. Bus owner (Franchisee) should have 5 Buses but we could consider those with 1 Bus.

  3. 2. Bus bodies must conform with Kenya Bureau of Standards KS 372/Kenya Bus Service Management Ltd (KBSM) specifications.

  5. 3. Bus capacity should be 29 passengers and above.  (NTSA) RSL requirement for CBD is 41 passengers and above.

  7. 4. NAMATA has restrictions on old Buses operating in the CBD.  New Buses are preferred.

  9. 5. A Bus in Individual name will require to convert ownership  to a Limited Company.(Fill form ‘annex 1’)

  11. 6. Bus Owner is required to provide certified copies of Log book.

  13. 7. In case of a Registered Company, One must provide certified copies of Memo Art, Certificate of Incorporation, VAT and PIN.

  15. 8. Bus Owner to provide Certified copies of valid Inspection Certificates, Speed Governor Compliance Certificates and Insurance Certificates. (Fill in form in ‘annex 2’)

  17. 9. Bus Owner is required by the Traffic Act to employ crew(Driver and Conductor).  KBSM could assist in sourcing the Crew from our Msafiri Staffing Agency.  Upon request the Agency may collect and submit monthly deduction of NSSF/NHIF on behalf of the Franchisee (Employer)

  19. 10.Franchisees shall be assigned available route(s) depending on the Bus capacity and subject to NTSA Licensing Rules.

  21. 11.Bus(es) shall be branded at our Workshop, where one chooses to brand  the buses elsewhere, the bus(es) must meet KBSM Brand specification.

  23. 12.Bus Owner to Pay an Initial entry Fee of Kshs 80,000 which covers up to 5 Buses.  The sixth bus and above will attract an administrative charge of Kshs.5,000/- per bus.

  25. 13.Commission charged is 12% on gross revenue daily to support the shared services, technical fee, advisory fee, overheads etc and royality.

  27. 14.Other services such as Legal, Parking, Banking, Bus wash, Bus repair and Service etc, will be charged separately.

  29. 15.If the Bus is fitted with an FM radio/LCD screen then the Franchisee will pay Kshs.36,550.00 annually for a License from the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (This came into effect on 21/4/2017)

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Optional payable Fee

  • Legal Services
  • Bus Wash
  • Parking/Security & Safari Checks
  • Banking Services
  • Training - Platform staff (crews) and Franchisees
  • Central works services