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New Franchisee Applicable Payments

A franchisee is required to pay directly or indirectly fees as indicated below:-

  • Franchise Joining Fees – Kshs 60,000 for first 5 buses
  • Administration Fee - Kshs. 3,000 per bus payable after the initial 5 Buses
  • Bus Branding Fees – Branding can only be done by us or with our written authority
  • Crew Training Fee – Only crew trained by us are allowed to work on our buses
  • TLB License Fee – License must be applied through us
  • Radio License – Vehicles fitted with Radio or any Music playing instrument must obtain a license
  • City Council – Monthly Parking Fee must be paid on time

 Continuous Fee - Commision payable is 12% of Gross Revenue which covers:-

  • Royalty
  • Standards Supervision
  • Value Adding Services
  • Technical & Advisory Services

Optional payable Fee

  • Legal Services
  • Bus Wash
  • Parking/Security & Safari Checks
  • Banking Services
  • Training - Platform staff (crews) and Franchisees
  • Central works services