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Information Technology

Future Transport Solutions lie in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). In today's business environment IT plays a very important role in terms of performance of the company, of key to these roles are efficiency and effectiveness of the data capture, entry, processing, dissemination and storage of the information.

Our Information Technology department is also domiciled at the depot. Its main function is to assist in the analysis of all data and produce relevant statistical reports.  

The reports are used in research and planning to establish how well each franchisee bus performs, in particular, and the company, in general, is doing in terms of business and finances. The department is also responsible for maintaining the Company's electronic communication platforms.

The management is committed to exploit ways in which it can improve its competitiveness through use of Intelligent Transport Systems. The efforts geared towards upgrading the mechanical (manual) Ticketing System to an automated e-Ticketing System and our manual off-line Unibol Back-End ERP Platform to a modern on-line Back-End ERP Platform were slowed down due to lack of funds.

In regard to e-Ticketing System, however, a partnership MOU and NDA to start a pilot project on Automated Fare Collection (AFC) have been signed between KBSM directors and directors of TapToPay International Ltd of Hong Kong.

Meanwhile the company continues to rely on the Unibol System to provide Backend IT Solutions.