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HR/ Training Department

Human Resource and Administration department is responsible for Msafiri Staffing Agency where the Franchise staff HR functions are managed, KBS Training Centre that trains staff in the passenger transport industry, Security that takes care of both staff and passenger and Depot maintenance. .

• Msafiri Staffing Agency


Hiring the right people and training them well to deliver service to desired standards is one of our key strengths. This has also helped us smash the mistaken belief that PSV jobs are the preserve or that they only attract people without any formal education or training.

• KBS Training Centre


This misconception has caused all manner of harm in the PSV industry. It is important to note that, in a single day, a PSV Conductor or Conductress interacts with 500 to 600 commuters. Without formal training, it is a challenge to deal with such a big number of people and conduct oneself appropriately while also handling cash prudently.

Owing to the above scenario, KBSM in 2007 came up with a PSV Training Module specifically to address the existing gaps and also promote sanity in the PSV industry in order to give customers better service and value for their money.

We train our own bus crew and for others in the PSV industry as well as school bus drivers. The training covers various modules some of which includes: customer care, code of conduct, defensive driving, emergency preparedness, drug and substance abuse as well as the legal requirements of running a PSV business. HIV/AIDS awareness and PSV security modules are also incorporated in our syllabus.