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Vehicle Cleaning

      We offer cleaning services for all types of vehicles. With the hoofing machine and pressure washing machine the services are perfected with an experienced staff.

We have a fully fledged washing bay with all the cleaning tools required for the job. We offer cleaning services for all types of vehicles ranging from personal cars, buses, Lorries, tractors, trailers and motorcycles among others. We have a very qualified team of cleaners who are well versed with skills needed in cleaning all types of vehicles.   

To boost efficiency at our washing bay, we recently acquired two new state of the art cleaning machines. The acquisition of the new machines is expected to go a long way in improving efficiency at the washing bay.

The washing detergents also used for cleaning vary depending on the item being cleaned. The machines used in the cleaning process on the other hand are up to standard thus guarantying the good and shiny appearance of the vehicles. Other cleaning services that we offer include: upholstery, engine wash, under wash, complete wash e.t.c.