Buses mean Business

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Transit Advertising

  • Did you know how powerful Transit Advertising is?
  • Did you know that we transport over 28 million passengers and contribute in excess of Kshs. 35 million to the exchequer in taxes yearly?
  • Did you know that we cover over 0.8 million kms per month?
  • As a matter of fact a mobile vehicle is seen five (5) times by one person in a day.

Kenya Bus Service Management Ltd is the most visible brand for Transit Advertising, the most preferred outdoor advertising medium contributing at least 20% of the outdoor advertising market.

Therefore, by advertising with us you are assured at least 10% of the Nairobi population will have to see your advert at any given time.

We are associated with the best brands in Kenyan market, if you are not advertising on KBSM buses, then you could be losing out on great returns. Be part of the leaders in transforming the advertising industry today by embracing transit advertising concept.