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Abiria Sacco was formed in 2008 to cater for the saving, borrowing and investment needs of Kenya Bus Service Management (KBSM) staff (contract and casuals) and contractors. In 2012, the Sacco opened its doors to KBSM Casual Employees, KBSM Franchisees, Franchisee Bus Managers, Franchisee staff (bus managers, drivers, conductors and mechanics).


SACCO CHAIRMAN ---- Mrs. Phyllis Barasa

SACCO SECRETARY --- Mr. Abednego Mavungo

SACCO TREASURER ---- Mr. James Kogi

Our Vision:

To be the most preferred Sacco in the transport industry in Kenya

Our Mission:

To empower our members economically through innovative, cutting-edge financial and investment solutions. 

Our Objectives:
To cater for the saving, borrowing and investment needs of our members


This is a comprehensive development finance option that focuses on providing Personal and specialized services to meet our clients’ specific needs such as purchase of property, construction etc.


The school fees loan is for the purpose of payment of school fees, college fees and related expenses.


This is a short-term facility that seeks to offer solution to urgent and unexpected needs of our members such as medical bills, funeral expenses, natural calamities, etc


This can be issued at a short notice to KBSM staff, Franchisee staff but recovered at the end of the month through and arrangement with your employer.







1.What do I need to join Abiria Sacco?


2.When does a member become eligible for a loan?


3.How is a loan application made?


4.Must I have guarantors when applying for a Loan?


5.How do I get Guarantors for my loan?


6.Who is eligible to be a Guarantor?


7. What is the role of a Guarantor?


8. If I clear a loan before its completion date will I be required to pay interest for future periods?


9.Do I still remain a member of Abiria Sacco when I stop working for KBSM or a Franchisee?


10.Do I lose my money from the Abiria when I stop working?


11. What do I need to do when withdrawing from Abiria society?

The following are the steps to follow:

12. Who are members of the Sacco’s Management Committee?


For more details visit:-


Kenya Bus Service Management Limited Depot

Kawangware 46 terminus

P. O. Box 41001 – 00100, NAIROBI; Telephone: 0728 988 938

Email: info@abiriasacco.com;


  • Development Loan

  • School Fees Loan

  • Emergency Loan

  • Advance against Salary
  • KBSM Staff
  • KBSM Franchisee staff
  • KBSM Driver and Conductor
  • You can use part of your Deposit / Bond money held by KBSM pay your initial shares or deposit
  • You can elect to save as little as Kshs 100 per day by paying through our Safaricom Mpesa Till Number 20 16 81
  • You can a form merry-go-round group; save and/or guarantee each other’s loans
  • You can borrow three (3) times your savings
  • Your loan is processed within 48 hours
  • Your advance processed within 12 hours
  • Your will enjoy the lowest interest rates in the market.
  • You will a chance to join Abiria Investment and Housing Society
  • All loans are insured therefore your money is safe
  • You will benefit from the protection of a Credit Reference Bureau
  • To join Abiria Sacco, you need the following documents:
  • A duly filled out application form (Can be obtained from our Offices)
  • A copy of your Identity Card
  • One passport size photograph
  • Kshs. 1,000 a non-refundable registration fees
  • A letter from your employer

  • A member becomes eligible for a loan after a minimum membership period of six (6) months and on fulfilling all the requirements of a specific loan product.
  • A loan application is done by filling a prescribed loan application form available at our offices. The applicant must attach a copy of payslip or other relevant documents. Alteration will not be allowed.
  • Yes. It is SASRA’s requirement that all loans granted must be guaranteed by at least three members of the Society. Guarantors’ and applicant’s deposits/savings MUST be equal to or more than the loan applied for.
  • We encourage people to form Teams of between 5 to 10 people. These are the people who become your guarantors whenever you want to take a loan. Members are encouraged to only guarantee those within their Team. Abiria Sacco may assist a member join a team.
  • Any active member in good standing is allowed to be a Guarantor provided that one has not over guaranteed. A guarantor must be willing and able to repay the loan guaranteed if the loanee fails to pay
  • Guarantors are jointly (together) and severally (individually) liable for the repayment of a loan in the event of the borrower’s default.
  • No interest or penalty is charged for clearing a loan earlier than the contracted period.
  • Yes. Your membership continues as long as you continue remitting your monthly/daily subscriptions. This can be done through our till number or cash deposits in our bank account. Cash payments are discouraged.
  • No. All your money is refunded minus any oust standing loans you may have taken and money you may have guaranteed a defaulter. Your shares in the Sacco is non-refundable but you can elect to sell it to an existing member of the Sacco.
  • Inform the society in writing of your intention to withdraw. This is done by filling a withdrawal form.
  • A notice of sixty (60) days is required in case of any refunds due to the member.
  • Members of the Team where the member withdrawing belonged must all sign off the withdrawal form to release the member.
  • Four (4) representatives drawn from KBSM members.
  • Three (3) representatives drawn from KBSM Franchise holder’s members.
  • Two (2) representatives of the employees of KBSM Franchise holder’s members.