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Q.  Where can I buy Buses?
A.  A franchisee should have 5 buses though we normally consider one with the hope that one will be able to build his/her fleet over time. Buses can be sourced from our local dealers, for example, General Motors (EA), CMC, Kenya Grange etc. or one could import so long as the bus meet our specifications. The buses differ in prices depending on the capacity one would like to buy. Vehicle Dealers …. Read More

Q.   What is the minimum carrying capacity?
A.   Our minimum carrying capacity is a 29 seater with a maximum capacity of 51 seater bus though the Transport Licensing board requires 41 passengers and above to operate within the CBD.

Q. Where are the bus bodies built and what are the specifications?

A. Bus bodies must conform to Kenya Bureau of Standards KS 372/KBSM specifications. These specifications are known by most body builders who are found locally. Some of the recommended body builders include Labh Singh, Dodi Autotech, Banbros, Choda, Highlands and KVM etc. Body Builders ….. Read More

Q.  What documents do I require?

A. Proof of vehicle ownership is mandatory, that is by providing us with a certified copy of the Log book in the franchisee's name. We also need a copy of the inspection certificate, compliance certificate and insurance certificate. If the franchisee is a registered company you need to provide us with certified copies of the Memo and articles of association, certificate of incorporation, VAT and PIN. Copies of Identity cards for all the directors.

Q.  Where do I get insurance?

You can get your insurance cover from Abiria Insurance Agency. Our in house agency that handles all our insurance matters.. Read More

Q. Where do I get financing?

A. There are several banks that normally finance PSV's investors they include Equity Bank, NIC Bank, Family Bank, Cooperative Bank, K-rep Bank etc Financiers …. Read More


Q. Which routes are profitable?

  1. One may choose their preferred route but we advise. Our route network is quite wide.


Q.  Where Do I get crew?

A.    Vehicle owners are required to provide crew: failure to, we can assist in sourcing. The crew (driver and conductor) report to us and any disciplinary action is taken by us though we inform the bus owner.


Q.  What is the Kshs 60,000 for ?

A.  Our initial entry fee is Kenya Shillings 60,000 (Sixty thousand only) which covers up to five vehicles, this allows one to operate in our colours and use our brand name.


Q.  How much revenue do I expect daily?

  • The daily estimated revenue depends on the capacity of the bus
  • Q.  What is the 12%?

  • Our commission is 12% on gross revenue for the services we offer which include revenue integrity-inspections, ticket examinations, ticket machine renting, repair, control systems, computer services, accident investigations, security follow up, inspection etc.

    Q.  How do I collect my money?

    1. Every morning the conductor is issued with a ticket machine which he uses for collection of revenue. At the end of the day the conductor is required to hand in the revenue collected to the cashier at our depot. From the money collected we deduct our commission, pay the crew salaries and any other charges as agreed with you. The balance is then either banked for you or you collect it the following day.


    Q. What other services do you offer?

    1. Other services such as legal fee, parking fee, banking fee, bus wash, vehicle repair and servicing etc are charged separately.
    1. Where can I park my vehicle?
    2. The vehicles can be parked at place of your choice or at our yard in Kawangware at a fee of Kshs 250/= and if it is washed there you will be charged an additional Kshs 200/= being washing fees. We also have other satellite depots across the city where vehicles can park over night depending with their starting routes.


    1. What other services do you offer?
    2. Other services that we offer in the transport market include: Commuter Service, Private Hire, Staff Contract Hire, and Transit Advertising

      Others are;

      Vehicle Servicing, Sale of Spare Parts, Sale of Fuel, Accident Investigation, Insurance Agency,


    1. Who fuels the bus?
    2. Fueling of the bus is done at our Kawangware yard with revenue collected on that day, or at our satellite depots when the buses close business.
    3. What is the Kshs 17,500 for?
    4.  You will also be required to pay a deposit of Kshs 17, 500 per bus against commission.